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Art of Pop
(AoP) is a boutique artist/label label, based in San Francisco, CA. (Having independently established herself as a record label,) AoP is also the corporate pseudonym for the founder, Rev. Michaele Alyras de Cygne, (personally, and professionally known by both her first, and middle name). AoP's primary mission is to express, and globally distribute her inspirational creative works; its mandate is to do so in a manner that directly serves Christ Jesus, with a predominant focus on the Source of Christ, i.e. Wisdom/Holy Spirit/Divine Feminine. The artist, hence the company, is unaligned with all religions.

Art of Pop's products are developed for the Pop, Jazz, Meditation, Goth, and Alternative inspirational music markets.
The company;s inventory is sold directly to consumers, as well as distributed in collaboration with other labels, and companies, through licensing, profit sharing, and M&D relationships.

In addition to music, Ms. de Cygne is a writer who also pens inspirational, metaphysical and motivational insights, periodically presenting some of them through Art of Pop.  Selections from each annual album, and some of the artist's writings may be found in the label's annual publication, Archangel Diaries

AoP also extends its distribution network, and industry promotion capability to enable LGBT Christian singer/songwriters to release ther music, and to gain attention within the general music nidustry that may attract the support they require. AoP does not participate with the ministries in any other way, including collaboration.


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e:  inquiry@artofpop.com
p: 1.415.902.8248
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LGBT Singer/Songwriter Submissions (unsolicited are okay):


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