Immortal Dream: Mid-1990s, Ann Rice's "Vampire Lestat", brought Alyras, Seth, and Shy together
. Interpreting it, one of them had an encounter with immortality.               (More)
[English] Immortal Dream ~ White Fire From the Moon

[English] Immortal Dream ~ Devil's Road To Cairo

[English] Immortal Dream ~ Sleeping

[English, Egyptian] Immortal Dream ~ Lay

White Fire From the Moon ::  Story: After being turned by her son, Lestat's mother, Gabrielle, awakens into her new un-life as a vampire.
Devil's Raod To Cairo :: Story: Lestat and his mother have realized they are not on the same journey any longer; she tells him it's time to part ways.    
:: Story: After being burned by the sun, Lestat has burrowed underground, falling into a death-like sleep.