Jazz; Pop; Elven; Goth; Palliative; Synaptic Generation; Consciousness Enhancement
rt of Pop
(AoP) is a private company, based in San Francisco, CA.  AoP is also the general
corporate moniker for Alyras*, one of The City's most dynamic LGBT artists.       (More)

Photos taken by Purple Party Designs, and Alyras. Thanks, PPD!
    Music & Neuroactive Software Demos
[Eng.] Alyras ~ The Girl I Can’t Get To (Unedited)

[Eng.] Alyras ~ Somethin' About You

[Fr.] Alyras ~ Toi à Paris, et Moi à L.A.

[Rus.] Alyras ~ Dve Rozi ~ (From a poem, written by artist, Nadezhda Mogilev)

[Vocalise] Michaele de Cygne ~ Desafinado ~ (Live)

[Pt.] Michaele de Cygne ~ Insensatez ~ (Live)

Michaele de Cygne ~ Meditacao ~ (Live)

[Quenya] Namarie ~ (Galadriel’s Song ~ Words: JRR Tolkien; Music: Alyras)

[Que.] Iluvamil ~ Oiolumelle Er

[Que.] Iluvamil ~ I Calyala Latie

[Eng.] Immortal Dream ~ Sleeping

[Eng.] Immortal Dream ~ White Fire From the Moon

[Eng., Egy.] Immortal Dream ~ Lay

[English] Immortal Dream ~ Sleeping
[Chant] DarkMother.com ~ Canto 1

[Chant] DarkMother.com ~ Canto 7

Synaptic Generation - Hyperaxon :: Hyperaxon h2

Synaptic Generation - Hyperaxon :: Hyperaxon h3

Consciousness Enhancement - Elvea Systems ~ Imix (1x) :: Loom of Maya

Consciousness Enhancement - Elvea Systems ~ Ahau (1x) :: Loom of Maya

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