Periodically, creative professional friends have asked me to critique, and/or write a review of their works. Sometimes, I have heard friends produce stuff that I wanna write about, just to share their goodies, out of my own appreciation. The latter is the primary impetus for this section of Art of Pop. As regularly as possble, and always during the Full Moon phase, I will herein publish a review of a creative professional friend of mine, who has been a social media friend of mine prior to 12/12/2016. [I don't need people trying to newly befriend me, just to pester me to give them some promo.]

This is not me patting my friends on their backs; it's me doing a critical, albeit favorable review of their material. However, if something sucks, I'm going to be real about it; I may even tell you how much so. Ultimately, it's me having fun with friends, and enjoying sharing their music with you; I hope you en
joy it too.

~ Alyras